Services / Cloud


With cloud computing globally being available, more and more companies are depending on it. With Amzsys, we provide all kind of services in terms of efficiency an economics of scale. With our shared infrastructure, your company can benefit all the cloud services at a single stop. We provide hosting services, cloud storage as well as Email setup. With all these provided by the single service provider, you need not look out for other service providers.


Server Hosting

Build your own server for all your business needs. With SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS available, cloud simplifies the need of buying your own server, infrastructure, and software.


Cloud Storage

Storage is an integral part of a company with numerous data. We provide utmost security and data handling with efficiency with dynamic Cloud storage.


Email Setup

We provide dedicated email set up with IMPA and POP to suit your cloud integrations. It would be easier to access email by just logging on to your cloud server.