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Why is Odoo the Best open source ERP available

Easy Customization - Odoo is easily customizable. which makes it an easy to use by anyone. Customers can download and work on improvising and be customizing the software as per their requirement and even tweak it once the modification is not required .

Save your penny , earn extra Penny -  Odoo is an open solution available in the market, which increases its demand in the market. Anything free is always in demand. Odoo is easily available in the market and works with any Operating systems .
License Hurdles -  Obtaining licenses is a very tricky part of the business. Investing in these high paid licenses is not possible in the initial stage of a business. But does it mean that there cannot be a way for organized data? No. All in one solution for this is the open source ERP Odoo software available in the market, which can be downloaded and customized as per the user's demand. With SaaS availability, the Odoo software becomes an economical choice.